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At Element Architects, we pride ourselves in our ability to create stunning architectural designs and interior spaces that truly resonate with people in Texas and nationally.  As a Houston architecture firm, we specialize in commercial architecture, including multifamily, education, retail, and more.

Our process always starts with an idea or concept, and we work tirelessly to refine and perfect it until the project is completed to perfection.  We believe in involving our architects, coordinators, and designers in their assigned projects from concept to completion.  This approach ensures a thorough understanding of all the project components, passing on the benefits to our clients and bringing them closer to achieving a successful deal.

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At Element Architects, we specialize in providing commercial architecture and interior design services for a wide range of industries including but not limited to multifamily, education, retail, healthcare, automotive, and more.

Licensed States

We are licensed in 29 states, allowing us to serve clients across the country. Our NCARB certification makes it easy to obtain state licenses in just 2-4 weeks.