Privacy Policy

Who Element Architects are

Element Architects, LLC,, is a Houston-based architecture firm specializing in commercial architecture and interior design. We are located at 1250 Wood Branch Park Drive, Suite 480, Houston, TX 77079. 

Personal data collected 

Element Architects collects a visitor’s personal data, name, email, and phone number if entered with the contact form on the Contact tab. This information could be used for analytics and or email marketing. Personal data is not created by just a user’s entry and/or interaction with the site. 


All media such as photography and copy are Element Architects property to use. The only Media users can use and download are the Brochures that highlight Element Architects’ work.

Contact forms

Personal data is captured when someone submits a contact form, and Element Architects can retain this information for an indefinite time. This information submitted can be used for Marketing purposes if deemed necessary.

Sharing your data 

Element Architects does not share any information gathered through their site with any third-party organization.