City of Baytown Utility Services

Baytown, TX

City Building Re-Designed While Keeping Historic Aspects

The design of the new Utility Services building for the City of Baytown was carefully thought out to ensure that it would blend seamlessly with the historic surroundings on Texas Ave. We matched the exterior of the building with the granite and limestone fa├žade of the old Citizens Bank that once occupied the same site.

Inside the building, we aimed to create a sleek and clean aesthetic by utilizing modern materials and design elements, while also incorporating the old bank doors as decorative pieces in the hallways and rooms. These doors serve as a nod to the building’s historical significance and add an element of charm and character to the otherwise modern interior.
Our goal was to merge the old and the new in a way that would be both timeless and functional; we believe that our design will stand the test of time for the years to come.